Curated Rewards

Give them what they love. Rewards and experiences that connect and inspire.

Research shows that the number of U.S. businesses using non-cash rewards has risen from 26% in 1996 to 86% in 2018 (IRF). We agree. And we’ve continually invested in providing the most up-to-date options for our clients. We know people are motivated in different ways and by different things. Our award solutions are strategically deployed to align with the goals of your program and the profile of your participants. Our solution-neutral approach allows you to marry the right rewards with employee recognition, sales incentive, and channel loyalty programs. Our global rewards offering provides regional-appropriate rewards and currency conversions. We will lead the way. 

Group Travel

U.S. businesses spend over $22.5 billion per year on incentive travel. These once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences create FOMO, build brand advocacy and foster both relationships and loyalty. They act as a great prestige tool for rewarding people with unique and memorable experiences. And, these travel  experiences are so special because people normally can’t replicate this kind of travel on their own. Enter the wow-factor!

Individual Travel

The beauty of individual incentive travel as a reward is that it is completely customized to meet the needs of the few. People can choose to travel solo, with their partner, their family, or with a small group of friends. If your crew is big on adventure travel and high-adrenaline activities, you have the freedom to go “full on”.  Or, for a family with small children, you can build in the right amount of rest and activity. These are personally meaningful experiences that are tailored to the individual; trips that are flexible, customized and personalized.

Unique Experiences

Our concierge travel team can help craft unforgettable experiences that will truly inspire your people. Whether it’s front row tickets to the hottest band, a couch in the skybox for that big game, or attending a premier celebrity event, we can make it happen.

Recognition Collections

Length of service, holiday gifts, and achievements are perfect options for fixed-range reward selections.

Points-based Rewards

Our robust online catalog offers thousands of products and hundreds of well-known brand names. Recipients will think fondly of your brand each time they see, touch or use their reward.

All of these rewards have a place in a well-designed influence portfolio, but it’s also useful to think of them on a chart from “Me” to “Us”. As you move to the right, the rewards tie participants closer to the company and participants become more focused on company goals versus individual ones.

Types of Rewards

Soft Rewards

We can bend and stretch to meet your needs. If you have logo’d apparel or merchandise, we can include those items into the reward mix. Or, if you want to offer lunch with the CEO, or celebrity chats, or Master Classes and life coaches, our platform can accommodate it. And if your audience is big on giving back, we can include charitable donations in the mix, too. Our reward mix is flexible to meet your needs.

What a great turnout! I was so happy to see the number of clients who were able to select a gift and complete the gifting experience. We also received wonderful feedback from our sales team!

- V.P. Marketing

Are you using the right rewards?