Creative Experience Design

Research-Based Audits and Design Sprint Workshops

We believe the best way to use experience design and drive success is to design it with you. That’s why our research-based audits and design sprint workshops are designed to enhance program design through the use of behavioral economics and behavioral analysis. Whether you are looking to change behavior, drive ideas for sales incentives, or retain top performers, we will partner with you to make it happen.

Research-based Audits

Our research-based audits are designed to review existing program strategies and structures to assess if they are aligned with your business goals and objectives. These audits provide you with proven recommendations that inform ongoing performance strategies, increase the impact on employee and channel participant engagement and motivation, and help you make decisions to optimize overall reward and incentive spending.

Put your incentive program to the test. Answer 10 questions to see how your program ranks with our incentive audit quiz.

Design Sprint Workshops

We have a more prescriptive option of “Design Sprints” – workshops designed to quickly identify new challenges, surface possible solutions, and help prioritize program designs. Design Sprints help you create a massive number of ideas and compress the time needed to create and plan breakthrough programs.

Long story short, audits focus on what has happened, and sprints are about what you want the end result to be, based on your unique challenges. The key to success, in either event, is your participation and collaboration.

“The Sprint allowed us to create a solution we never would have thought of by ourselves and probably saved 8 months of email chains, meetings and planning. Well worth the day and a half!”

Sales/Marketing Director for medical device company

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