About The Client

Founded in 2004, our client became one of the leading alarm system companies in the U.S. focusing on residential home security systems, small business security solutions, comprehensive commercial alarms and video surveillance systems.

Creative Group consulted, designed, and implemented a one-year performance improvement program targeted at increasing sales and employee engagement, critical to the company’s survival.

The Challenge

New leadership brought ambitious sales goals, fresh initiatives, and experienced people to a company struggling with growth in many areas. At the time, employees had limited to no trust in the company mission and engagement was low, leading to declining sales and high turnover.

Leadership needed a partner that could help communicate their mission, create loyalty and engage their sales force, both motivating performance and increasing retention, while reducing costs related to new associate training.

The Solution

After several discovery sessions with key client leadership focused on the company’s current state and desired state, Creative Group identified two key teams that required improvement. A multi-tiered performance improvement program was designed using Creative Group’s web-based recognition platform which offers individual performance improvement solutions designed to align employee, sales force and customer behavior with enterprise strategy. This reward program, targeted at the sales force and the customer service team, was perfectly suited to lead to sales growth and employee retention.

Creative Group’s next steps included designing a communication campaign tailored to the company’s mission and culture which eventually led to the launch of the reward program. The program, which ran for one calendar year, allowed for recognition on many levels. Sales and customer service managers could reward for desired behavior, at their discretion, with points they received in their “point bank”; sales managers were rewarded for hitting certain self-funding metrics based on annual and short-term goals; service teams were rewarded based on customer satisfaction results.

The Outcome

Over the duration of the program, company sales tripled due to continued engagement and decreased turnover. Customer satisfaction surveys were reporting the highest ratings in years. With turnover decreasing and engagement increasing, the company showed significant savings by reducing employee recruiting and training costs. Considering that the average cost of employee turnover is roughly half of the employee’s annual salary, one can clearly see the program’s benefit to the bottom line.

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The Diagram of Success in Challenging Times

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