About The Client

Our client partner is a luxury vehicle division of a global automaker that regularly ranks as the top luxury brand for auto resale. Over the past five years, this client has looked to Creative Group to provide creative ideas to impress their high-end incentive program winners, while also flawlessly executing them with consistent and exceptional service.

The Challenge

Sophisticated, wealthy, and well-travelled – most would look at this as an impossible audience to please, but to Creative Group, it was an exciting opportunity to showcase creativity. Because this exclusive event is the only incentive program our client hosts each year, the expectations were high.

Not only did the impeccable delivery of awe-inspiring events need to be a main focus, we also needed to highlight our client’s brand theme: Innovation. From the print pieces announcing the event, to the swanky implementation, it was critical to impress both the guests and client stakeholders of this trip.

The Solution

Creative Group developed an “Art of…” theme which carried through multiple evenings of experiential events in Laguna Beach, California, a town known for its eclectic, artsy flair.

Attendees were invited to a sculpture gallery that celebrated the essence of human movement. Strolling through the garden, attendees were immersed in acrobatic Cirque performances; and inside the gallery, paintings were mimicked by living replicas among the lavishly set dining room. Guests also enjoyed an interactive cooking display with celebrity chef Christopher Kostow, as he showcased his creatively designed canapés.

On another evening, both innovation and inventors were the focus of the night. Using a museum as the evening’s venue, images of innovative products throughout history were splashed upon the walls, concluding with an array of our client’s new products.

To create a modern, sleek look, the dining portion of the venue was set with clear acrylic tables and chairs, allowing an easy sight line. Thinking outside the box, the regular table-top centerpieces were instead replaced with elaborate silver candelabras – complete with candles and floral accents – hung upside down, suspended from the ceiling and dangling above the tables. It was truly unique. The music for the evening included a glass armonica – a Benjamin Franklin invention from the 1760’s – that was played by a musician clad in period attire.

The Outcome

The attendees’ engagement was clear as they snapped photos of the displays and entertainment throughout the week’s events. The interactive nature of the program and its intimate environment left a lasting impression on the guests. Our client left the program beaming with excitement after receiving a standing ovation for the overall success of the incentive trip.

Not only was our client thrilled with the outcome, but outside recognition was also received when the cable network, Bravo, requested the hanging candelabras remain in place for one of its filming sessions. In addition, Creative Group was presented an Addy award for the communication pieces associated with this event.

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The Art of the Human Spirit

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