About The Client

Our client partner is a major automotive company that offers a complete line of vehicles at more than 750 dealers spanning 35 regions of the United States. Our client looked to Creative Group to conceptualize and implement a one-night extravaganza awarding 200 top performing sales managers with cash and merchandise.

Creative Group led the task of inspiring and enrolling the dealership sales managers as well as designing, producing and fulfilling the showcase event and prizes.

The Challenge

A three month communication blitz featuring creative print, web, video, and mailed elements was designed to culminate in this one exciting and buzzworthy event.

We were challenged by our client to develop a high-concept campaign that incorporated its brand direction and key dealership messaging, in concert with a compelling slate of entertainment and over-the-top rewards.

This event required the best of the best; premium food and beverage selections, captivating entertainment, and top-of-the-line merchandise. Our client also needed us to create an electronic “game show” so that dealers could participate interactively with the prize giveaways. Finally, the Grand Finale would need to blow the audience away with both physical prizes and sensory experiences.

In addition to producing a phenomenal event, Creative Group was further challenged with pinpointing a destination and venue that could easily accommodate a tight turn around in arrival and departure patterns for qualifying sales managers from all regions of the United States. Adequate, secure space was also a prerequisite for housing of the “swag” room merchandise.

The Solution

A clever blend of concept and communication, along with compelling venue, entertainment, and reward selections enabled Creative Group to surpass our client’s expectations and create a truly unique experience.

The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, and its night club, Marquee, proved to be a perfect setting for the evening. State-of-the-art sound, lighting, and video systems sparked the “Agents of Excellence” theme to life.

Creative Group completely scripted and designed the event that navigated winners through a dramatic and theatrically choreographed “Bond-like” production. Complete with villains and heroes, the interactive cash game included six separate performances and various on-the-spot awards, all while delivering our client’s executive messages. The Grand Finale topped off the celebration with lavish prizes, blasts of confetti, and an entrancing light show.

In addition to the obvious spectacles, behind-the-scenes management surrounding the security and sensitivity of such large sums of cash, checks and prizes was also a key factor in the success of this event. The distribution of the prizes was led by our CFO and accounting team on-site.

The Outcome

Although the event was short, the impact was big. Our client couldn’t have been more pleased with the event and the sales it delivered. The following quotes from sales managers say it all.

“Everything was very “wowing” and made you feel extremely important and totally worth making the trip!”

“Wonderful…makes me feel like I work for a company who cares about people.”

“The experience was unbelievable. I can’t wait until next year!”

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One Night. Three Hours

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