About The Client

Our client is a young and rapidly growing mobile game developer that challenged Creative Group to design a once-in-a-lifetime experience for their young team; to celebrate all employees and their partners (guests) who support them.

The Challenge

Think Google-esque. Think company chef. Think Millennials who vacation in New Zealand. The group based in San Francisco is diverse and adventurous. And, we needed to design an employee/spouse event that would thank, reward, excite, wow, and keep them thinking, “I work for the best company in the world.” That was our challenge. Easy, right? Based on our work with Millennials, we knew the program had to be customized and unique, while still keeping it real. Active and authentic experiences are what drive this young demographic.

The Solution

We started with a great palette with which to paint this masterpiece: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Flight time to Cabo was an advantage, as was the fantastic weather, great activities and nightlife. But best of all, it offered amazing natural elements; a desert landscape and fertile valleys, surrounded by azure blue waters. The program was built around a celebration of those elements as well as the energy of the audience. Our planning team created a truly high-end experience that offered individualized and active elements that would appeal to the audience.

A Yachtie’s Dream

Because of swift currents in Cabo, there are limited places for safe swimming. To overcome that, we chartered a 100-ft. yacht that brought the group to a quiet, private area from which to launch a number of water activities. As music played, attendees could choose to hop on a wave runner, explore the area by kayak, dive off a large platform into the sea, or simply rest upon one of the many “floaties” and enjoy a cocktail under the Mexican sun. To capture the excitement of the day, we used a drone for unique aerial photography that was later shared with the group – a big hit!

Desert Adventure

On another day, we delivered a true desert adventure. Participants were taken 40 minutes outside of Cabo to a remote rural area (no homes, towns, or restaurants) where they caravanned in enclosed off-road vehicles. They enjoyed themed stops along the way for a smoothie (at a stand we created in the desert) and a history stop – where a naturalist guide spoke about the local flora and fauna and how/why people settled in Cabo. The final stop was the crown jewel of the day. The caravan ended at a beautiful beach that appeared “out of nowhere”. A surprise brunch was waiting in a lovely white tent at the edge of the water. The group enjoyed champagne and an elegant brunch before taking a coach back into town, while the four-wheelers were trailered back. This was a truly one-of-a-kind, unique experience in Cabo.

Fertile Land Experience

To top off the aquatic and desert activities, a “fertile land” experience awaited the group. The final night celebration began with a farm-to-table gathering at a local farm, where indigenous plants were used in the food preparation. They dined under a warm, starry sky, and enjoyed a customized tasting experience. Throughout the evening, a mixologist handcrafted unique cocktails featuring native herbs and spices, and the group enjoyed a performance from an acoustic guitarist (who was such a hit, the client flew him to their corporate headquarters to entertain again.) The surprise finale awed the crowd. Fire dancing performers entertained with light sticks, creating the client’s logo, as well as their famous gaming characters.

The Outcome

Our client said, “I loved working with my team at Creative Group! This program was our highest ranked off-site in company history, which is really awesome.” The overall attendee feedback was extremely positive about Cabo as the destination, the individual activities, and the service level received throughout the planning and execution of the program. Every one of the attendees rated the overall program a five– the highest rating on the scale.

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Keeping It Real For a Millennial Audience

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