About The Client

For 80+ years, our client partner has provided customers with auto, home, life, umbrella, business, health, and farm & ranch insurance, as well as retirement products.

The Challenge

Our challenge was to design and deliver the first-ever personal and professional development conference for the company’s independent contractor agents. The goal of the conference was to educate agents on improving their businesses from a long-term planning, marketing and selling skills perspective; It was not about the company’s products and services.

At the same time, our client sought to strengthen agent commitment through a continued belief in the company and its direction. The conference was seen as critical to maintaining the strong tie between the corporate office and its agencies.

In addition, the company was not paying for agents to attend the conference so they needed to clearly understand the purpose and appreciate the value in attending.

The Solution

We took a holistic approach to the meeting design and production. This included a deep dive to gain a clear understanding of agent wants and needs, event workshop development, attendee alignment, agenda development, content creation, creative development and onsite execution and measurement, ensuring a greater ROI.

Driven by pre-event agent input – derived from interviews and surveys – we were able to develop a motivational and educational experience. We helped to create a world-class onsite experience, allowing agents to better meet the needs of their customers and more effectively represent the company.

The event, Know to Grow, was communicated via a fully integrated promotional campaign pre-, during and post-event. The Venetian Las Vegas was selected as the venue, and projected attendance was 1,000+ participants.

Everything – from the promotional campaign to the registration website, event location, meeting logistics and content – communicated the company’s commitment to agents in helping them grow as business owners.

Sessions provided agents with tools and guidance to establish and meet their business goals using sustainable business practices, integrated with seamless customer service. This first-ever conference was a huge success, with over 1,200 attendees and 10,000+ visits to the registration website, well exceeding client expectations.

The Outcome

Post-event surveys showed that agents gained a better understanding of how to run their business as well as a greater connection with, confidence and respect for, the company. Due to the success, the client committed to hosting the conference for three additional years. This is what attendees said:

  • 95% felt it was a valuable investment
  • 97% felt it was an important forum to learn new strategies
  • 96% felt that it would help them grow their business
  • 95% felt they received information and networking opportunities to help them strengthen their business
  • 92% felt that it reinforced their commitment to the company’s Insurance mission and vision

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