About The Client

Our client is a well-known distributor of power sport vehicles including motorcycles, ATVs, side-by-side vehicles, motocross racing vehicles and personal water crafts.

The Challenge

In order to make this hands-on meeting effective and impactful, we needed to be resourceful in selecting U.S. destinations that could provide adequate space for a New Product Showcase of 75 full-size power sport vehicles, large general session with breakout space, and 1,400 sleeping rooms. In addition to ample indoor space, our client also required off-site locations nearby with sufficient buildable areas. These locations needed to have the ability to house tracks for off road motorcycles as well as a body of water to test-drive Jet Skis.

The Solution

The key to the success of this program was the special consideration taken involving vehicle load-in and load-out in all of the spaces, availability of food service at off-site venues, and the ease of travel into a major airport.

Venue Selection
Meeting destinations for these Dealer Meetings needed to be near major metropolitan areas with a significant airlift, local buildable lots, and usable bodies of water. Both San Diego and Orlando fit the bill. With San Diego near the ocean and Orlando near open land and lakes, both of these options proved to be successful settings for our client’s needs.

We organized airline ticketing and land logistics for over 2,500 dealers, employees, business partners, and media, including transportation to the test drive sites and other venues.

With thousands of people having access to dangerous machines, safety was of the utmost importance. Liability was also a major point of concern, thus we managed the facilitation of attendee waivers and enforced pre-established safety guidelines.

The Outcome

These dealer meetings successfully educated, trained, and celebrated our client’s achievements with its business partners from around the world. The platform also allowed our client to deliver a cohesive message to its audience along with opportunities to attend seminars, training sessions, and “ride and drives”.

Our client said: “Needless to say, issues will always arise during these events and I cannot thank you and your team enough for the professionalism, flexibility, and all-around positive energy to collaborate on timely solutions.”

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Hands on Dealer Meeting

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