About The Client

Our client partner – a leading global tire manufacturer and with products available in over 180 countries – is one of the fastest growing tire companies in the world.

The Challenge

Our client’s objective was to successfully launch a new tire brand which would help better position them in the U.S. market. Not only was Creative Group challenged with creating a unique concept, but also with ensuring the educational aspect of the event would be emphasized as much as the entertainment factor. The event hosted domestic dealers, press, marketing and global senior leaders in Las Vegas, Nevada in conjunction with the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) tradeshow. This made it very important to draw in and entice an audience that had multiple other events to choose from.

The Solution

Creative Group implemented three main components to support this event.

Branding: Consistent, creative communication helped to keep the buzz alive and build momentum for the event. Subtle background images of the venue piqued interest throughout the branded elements. Everything – from the tie the host wore, to the gifts the attendees received – incorporated the brand and theme of the event.

Education: Interactive displays gave press and dealers a hands-on opportunity to experience the fundamentals, performance and style offered by our client’s new line.

Venue/Entertainment: The Las Vegas Strip’s brand new attraction, the 550-foot-tall High Roller Ferris Wheel, provided an exciting and unique reception venue to both stir up attention and top off the event.

The Outcome

The successful product launch for the new tire line provided a tangible experience to represent our client’s vision and goals. We enabled our client to re-introduce its commitment to meet the diverse needs of drivers by providing an interactive and educational environment as well as an enticing chance to experience something new in Las Vegas.

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Branding a Launch

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