Creative Group's Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Creative Group is committed to fostering an organizational culture rooted in welcoming and encouraging everyone. We want to create a safe workplace for all races, ethnicitiesreligions, gender identities, and sexual orientations.

Our commitment to our current (and future) employees, customers, and suppliers is to make space for critical thinking and consciousness about race and class. We see it as each person’s personal responsibility  and the company’s — to remove barriers, to see our unintended biases, and expand inclusion and more importantly, belonging for all.

We fiercely believe that finding and nurturing gender, ethnic, and cultural diversity invites a broader spectrum of ideas and unique perspectives  it helps us unlock further innovation to create robust experiences for our clients.

As a company that engages deeply in the hospitality industry, the art of gathering is at our core. We are passionate about our unique position: Tcreate opportunities for people to gather, learn and experience places, cultures, and people well beyond their own front doors — to connect deeper to this vast, diverse, wondrous world — and each other. 

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