While every industry is affected by economic ups and downs, the U.S. tech industry is expected to continue to flourish in 2023, transforming other industries through technology while adapting to new regulations. Along with these positive projections, it’s also a given that the technology industry is ever-changing. Staying prepared for what’s next is the best way to remain ahead of the game.

Innovations in information technology, nanotechnology, robotics, and machine learning are all paving the way for progress. In the next decade, we can expect the Internet of Things (IOT), edge computing, and AI advancement to lead to the next big transformation. As tech evolves, it’s critical to cultivate a culture of cybersecurity awareness within your organization. Last year alone, a whopping 82% of data breaches involved a “human element. As cyber criminals implement more sophisticated methods of breaching software and firewalls, consistently reinforming cybersecurity strategies through virtual events, meetings, & experiences can be an effective first-line defense in your company’s security controls.

Over the past few years, remote work has increased exponentially among technology employees. In fact, 48% of tech workers say they are now working fully remotely, while 37% say they split their time between remote and in-office work. With the rise in off-site employees comes a heightened risk of a cultural shift with employees feeling disconnected from coworkers and the company’s overall priorities. Implementing employee engagement & recognition programs can help unite everyone around shared goals while incentivizing performance to keep employees inspired and motivated.

Another hot topic in the technology field is sustainability. Companies are looking inward to assess how they can reduce emissions and their overall impact on the environment. As social and stakeholder pressures mount, technology providers can magnify their efforts by teaming up with suppliers and partners that also support their sustainability goals. Through thoughtfully designed global meetings & events, tech companies can create a forum for discussion between multiple parties to help identify opportunities in operational workflows, use of materials, waste reduction, lowering of carbon emissions, and more.

Impactful user conferences, product launches, and sales incentives are critical strategies to engage consumers, employees, and the industry at large, with transformative new technologies and innovation.

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