There’s economic growth ahead with projections anticipating a 4.1% increase in GDP. Yet it doesn’t come without overcoming some challenges and seizing a few opportunities.

The number of unfilled manufacturing positions has soared to more than 800,000 and is expected to rise to 2.1 million by 2030. Organizations ready to trade traditional workforce strategies for fresh, progressive thinking will be better equipped to attract new candidates and keep current employees engaged. Employers can make a measurable difference through employee engagement & recognition programs to show their commitment to their team.

Shipping delays, parts shortages, and transportation delays due to truck driver shortages and congested ports had the greatest impact on manufacturing companies since the beginning of 2022. To help minimize the impact, many manufacturers are strengthening relationships with suppliers. From implementing digital solutions that boost transparency and close gaps in communication to training manufacturing employees to collaborate with suppliers more closely. Key improvements along with channel loyalty programs and sales incentives can go a long way in lowering operational concerns and mitigating risk.

Manufacturers play a big role when it comes to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. By 2025, manufacturers will commit to taking 50,000 tangible actions to increase equity and parity for underrepresented communities – critical not only to employee well-being but also to reaching broader perspectives and more innovative solutions. With this comes the need for meetings, events, & experiences that include DEI initiatives.

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