Event Content and Production Strategy

Bringing Your Vision To Life

Producing well-designed events is about crafting emotional moments with artful messaging. It is storytelling at its finest — and it’s brought to life with atmosphere, mood and thoughtful, creative design. Your production strategy is the critical ingredient in building energy, inspiration and intrigue at your next event.

Our content and production expertise helps you design unique and immersive moments within your meeting or event. Whether your needs are basic or on a Hollywood blockbuster scale, our team of expert storytellers are masters at crafting the perfect tale in the perfect way. With messages designed to inform and inspire, woven through every component of your event.

We are where you need us — in North America and beyond. Our global production team is agile, covering all your event needs. And with deep resources and partnerships, our pricing is competitive too.

Our executive producers lead your event strategy and oversee a full-service team of experts:

  • Technical Director
  • Graphics Operator
  • Production Coordinator
  • Content Coordinator
  • Creative Director
  • Backstage and crew team for stage sets, audio, video, projectionist, and lighting

With a focus on your brand essence and event goals, we help you create the content strategy to drive key event messaging through multiple touchpoints and communication methods. While the General Session may be a top priority, we ensure your entire experience is on point, keeping your key messages top-of-mind throughout all components of the event.

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The Big Idea

We consider how the messaging ties to brand, culture, and audience. We build a strong story and weave it through all event touchpoints to truly connect with your audience.

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Messaging Experts

Our speechwriting and coaching experts will help you tell your stories clearly, consistently, and authentically.

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Custom Design

Set the tone. Lighting. Sound. Décor. We custom design room sets and immersive environments that create energy and build emotion.

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The Right Talent

Our team will source, book, and manage the right talent for your program. We handle all contracts, terms, and riders and attend to all VIP needs at the event.

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Maintain Momentum

Keep the energy alive after the event. We create videos and other content for post-event engagement – to keep your messaging top of mind.

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Wherever You Go, We’ve Got You Covered

Our global network of partners allows us access to the highest caliber of people and equipment, no matter where you need it.

Let’s work together to create inspiring experiences.