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High-Value Product Focus/
Drive More Margin

  • “Great race” format – a fixed pool of points is established
  • As individuals sell specific products, points are transferred from the pool to the individual, decreasing available points
  • Triggered, immediate communication updates would be sent to individuals as the points pool gets depleted, alerting them to the shrinking points opportunity
  • Graphic bar of available points balance would be featured on landing page
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Product Sales Individual + Team-Based Incentive

  • Individuals assigned goal equal to last year 4th quarter, plus 5%
  • Earn X points for over-goal performance ($ or Units)
  • For every point earned on over-goal performance, 9 points would be deposited into virtual “lock box”
  • “Lock box” pays out if entire team (by region/territory/company) exceeds total program goal by 15%
  • If team beats goal by 25%, “lock box” value doubles
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Product Sales Push Individual Incentive

  • Individuals assigned goal equal to last year 4th quarter, plus 5% stretch
  • Flat award payout at the following attainment levels: 90%, 100%, 115%, 125%, 130%
  • New hires/additions assigned average for similar-sized territories
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Reinforce Product Knowledge/
Fast Start for ‘19 

  • Use the last few months of the year to highlight new product information, new product bundles or new sales processes
  • Produce 6 training “segments” by utilizing information from current assets, and create a “step up” training ladder
  • Individuals take training quizzes online and earn points
  • Point values double for each level attained
  • Bonus for 100% scores on all segments

Every Incentive Program Includes:

  • 3-Month Professional Program Administration After Launch
  • Online Awards Catalog of Merchandise and Individual Travel Options
  • Custom Marketing Support
    • Program Website
    • Weekly Progress Emails to Participants
    • Management Reporting
    • 3-Dimensional Launch Mailing*
    • Select From Available Themes or Create Your Own
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*Not included in program cost shown. Scope restrictions do apply. For instance, programs with greater than 3,000 participants may require additional fees/costs. Program creation cost of $10,000 does not include cost of rewards/points.