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Exclusive Research: Channel Incentive Findings

Creative Group and the Incentive Research Foundation (IRF) partnered to bring you data on non-monetary incentive and recognition approaches of top-performing technology firms. 

High-level findings of this study confirm that top-performing tech companies were more likely to:

  • + Host a top performer group trip (93% vs. 53%)
  • + Have more incentive trip attendees (50 vs. 424)
  • + Have simple metrics to earn their incentive trip (57% vs. 33%) 
  • + Have a tiered structure using award points, merchandise and gift cards to maximize reach to participants (93% vs. 78%) 
  • + Award $6,722 on average to their Top Performer incentive trip earners.

Click each box to expand the accompanying data. 

Top Performer Group Incentive Trips

Number of Trip Attendees

Limits on Number of Top Performer Trip Winners

Objective Qualification: Top Performer Incentive Trip

Qualification Complexity: Top Performer Incentive Trip

Sales Targets for Channel Participants

Reward Achievability: Top Performer Channel Incentives

Reward Approach: Non-Travel Rewards

Budgeting Approach: Non-Cash Channel Incentives

Budget Influencers: Non-Cash Channel Incentives

Business Objectives: Channel Reward & Recognition 

Qualifying Metrics: Top Performer Channel Incentive Trip

Qualification Metrics: Top Performer Channel Rewards

Average & Top Dollar Values: Award Points, Gift Cards, & Merchandise

Average & Top Dollar Values: Incentive Trips

Top Research Findings

Top Research Findings

Sales Incentive Findings

Sales Incentive Findings

Employee Recognition Findings

Employee Recognition Findings 

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