It’s no secret that the way you communicate an incentive program or event has an impact on its success. In fact, even something seemingly simple, like a thematic campaign has the power to provide clarity around the program’s main purpose. It also sets the tone for what’s to come.

Here are a few helpful tips on how to choose a theme that speaks volumes.

1. Make it catchy.

Think of a theme as a rallying cry that people can take to heart. Just like any slogan, the catchier, the better! But beyond having a nice ring to it, choosing words that create an emotional connection with your audience makes it more meaningful and memorable.

One powerful thematic example we created was “Living Legends,” the theme given to a program for a global leader in the commercial laundry equipment category. “Living Legends” reinforced that the business was founded by legendary families, and it tied back to the client’s legacy of 112 years in the business. It also reminded participants of the group travel incentive destination to a legendary location, Machu Picchu. This became a powerful mantra for employees to take their personal success to an all-time historic level. Take a glimpse into the campaign:

2. Tie it back to the program’s objectives.

Much more than just a program name, the overarching thematic campaign helps convey the mission behind your organization’s rewards program. Are you focused on boosting overall sales? Inspiring learning and growth? Rewarding top performers? Whatever the aim, the theme is a critical part of the overall communication strategy.

To show how the right theme can have meaning, we worked with a U.S. sales and marketing client to come up with a name for their virtual event. The theme: “Power With A Purpose” positioned their medical sales associates who interacted daily with medical professionals as superheroes in their community.

Not only did “Power With A Purpose” lend itself well to a superhero-themed experience with fun details like capes, costumes, and the incorporation of medical masks but it was also linked to a key objective – education through rich content and professional speakers. Overall, this theme delivered on the objectives and was woven throughout the entire communications and engagement campaign and within the event.

3. Keep it short, punchy, and easy to understand.

Without a doubt, you’ll want your audience to keep the incentive campaign top of mind. That’s why communicating it across touchpoints like via e-mail, app notifications, websites, videos, dimensional mailings, and more is important. Keeping the theme concise and easily repeatable is also essential. Anything too overtly clever that calls for an explanation may get confusing.

Take “Big Win” for instance – a theme created for a global automotive company that wanted a virtual gameshow-like reward experience. Right off the bat, “Big Win” made it clear that this program was centered around boosting performance and success. Yet, it also highlighted the excitement of giveaways, merchandise, and exclusive travel prizes that were integral to the event.

If you’re planning your next sales incentive, meeting, or event, let’s work together to develop an ownable theme, concept, and execution plan. We’ll help you nail your messaging, keep communications on course, drive planning in the right direction, and ultimately ensure that you achieve your benchmarks for success.

Get ready to launch your theme in a big way.