An organization’s Annual Sales Kickoff is potentially the most important gathering of the year. Sales Kickoff meetings often bring together global audiences that can reach attendance numbers in the thousands. The intent is to ensure everyone is well-armed to “go to market” by departure day.

This vital event, usually held in January, sets the tone for the entire year. Agendas include strategy sessions and celebrations of previous year’s wins. To be successful, a Sales Kickoff must educate and motivate sales, managers, marketing, leadership, representatives, and partners…no small feat!

In the simplest of terms, a successful Sales Kickoff meeting is one that inspires the entire organization, from top to bottom, and brings alignment around company goals and strategies.

So, how does a company hold a successful Sales Kickoff? Here are our top three tips:

Secure Space – Sales Kickoffs are notorious space hogs and for good reason. From large general sessions to technical trainings to small breakouts, reserving the right blocks of meeting space is critical. With current compression in hotel availability, contracts should be signed well in advance — and don’t forget to grab space for last minute pop-up meetings!

Create a Theme – If ever there was a time for a good conference slogan and branding, it’s during your Annual Sales Kickoff! Remember, you are setting the tone for the year and hoping to inspire your invaluable go-to-market audience. Make sure your theme is engaging, impactful, and memorable. Also be sure to showcase your messaging across all attendee touchpoints; a solid over-arching theme keeps content on track with continuity and purpose.

Engage Attendees – Before, During, and After You want interactivity, learning, and networking during your Sales Kickoff. Fortunately, a well-deployed mobile app can solve for most event needs. Fuel team excitement before, during, and after the event with push notifications and use updates to keep attendees informed and connected. Use gamification for learning and encourage social sharing. Event polling and surveys can ensure your team understands key takeaways. Finally, use the app to encourage ongoing networking.

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