According to travel research, the public’s comfort in planning their leisure travel rose to 65 percent in early July but dipped down to 63 percent just recently. While this is to be expected with rising COVID variants, a return to travel still feels unexpectedly hopeful. A two percent dip is not a troubling trend indicator, and summer travel is exceeding expectations. All signs point to an industry on the rebound, and a whopping forty-three percent of consumers say they’re comfortable with domestic flights.

Our return to travel has brought a recent shift in accommodation preference. While Airbnb saw a surge in popularity in early 2021 (remote workers looking for a change), comfort with home-sharing platforms has recently declined. Major hotel brands have taken the lead, gaining consumer confidence through well-publicized commitments to cleanliness, guest safety, and more sophisticated cancellation and rebooking terms.

Now…returning to our “return to travel” topic. We’ve outlined some trends, but what does the long-haul adventure travel look like, exactly? We recently polled some employees (one who crossed three continents) to find out!

  1. Entry requirements are all over the map…these range from proof of vaccination and/or a negative Covid-19 test to mandatory self- isolation to the need to adopt electronic tracker
  2. There will be changes…check the CDC and country-specific advisories often!
  3. Onboard the aircraft feels clean… really clean! The latest research shows that aircraft cabins are among the safest of public indoor environments
  4. The rise of Safety Science…hand sanitizers, HEPA filters, Ultraviolet Disinfectant, and Antimicrobial Technology have solidified consumer confidence
  5. Your seatmate will be polite…we’ve read the news too, but our fellow travelers have seen nothing but polite mask-wearing and wait-your-turn-taking
  6. Consider a splurge…engage a tour operator to schedule time-critical tests, push for quick results, fast track paperwork, and stay on top of cross-country travel needs
  7. Have a blast…it’s exciting to return to travel! The travel industry is ready to welcome you back and keep you safe…

…So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight!

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