The fog is beginning to lift, and clients are eager to reinvest in their employees. As the business climate becomes more competitive, considerations need to be made to motivate and retain top talent. As next year promises to bring growth, it is paramount to re-engage with partners and customers.

Rewards, engagement, and appreciation drive behavior and increase loyalty. Positive relationships boost the bottom-line. We craft experiences with travel, assemble conferences with networking, and personalize rewards with gifting. The momentum is gaining, and our industry feels back to normal… almost.

Here’s the catch… Things aren’t as quick as they used to be.

Hotel staff is lean, it takes ages to get an RFP response, and market compression has availed limited space. Supply chains are re-building. Luxury gifts can be sluggish to arrive. But… we are READY. Ready for our choice of flights. Ready to flip contracts and build Hollywood-level general sessions in 24-hours.

So, how do we succeed? Here are our Top 5 Tips for Success moving forward:

  1. Set expectations both internally and with clients. Response times just take longer!
  2. Craft a careful and complete RFP when bidding for services. Sloppy specs only slow the process.
  3. Get an advocate! Pull in your sales rep to nudge things along.
  4. Be transparent – people get anxious when communication goes dark. Give updates (even if things are taking longer than usual)
  5. Set Service Level Agreements with providers to ensure service and staffing standards are up to par… get all eyes focused on your group.

Slow and steady but gaining momentum. How can we help you re-engage?