The IACC has published its latest report and infographic to depict research findings from more than ten partners on the future of the meeting space. So-called “meetings” need to be designed for the new physically-distanced world. And we couldn’t agree more. Read on for a background on the research project and the latest findings and a link to view the infographic. – Creative Group

“As the industry evolves and expands, just as meeting planners must continually evaluate all elements of the meeting experience, operators and suppliers must also ensure they are meeting and anticipating the changing needs of planners,” said IACC’s CEO, Mark Cooper.

“The survey was designed to highlight these growing needs; we looked specifically at experience creation, meeting room space and design, social responsibility, generational leadership balances, and technology & internet capabilities as well as culinary trends.”

Report Findings

This year’s report highlights several key findings:

  • Socially responsible and ethical operations are a top priority for venue operators this year, as they were for meeting planners last year.
  • Venue operators highlight the importance of creating a human-nature connection in their spaces.
  • 76% of venues either offer a virtual site inspection now or are planning to offer one in the next 12 months.
  • Cyber Security will become a bigger priority in the future as technology elements increase in meetings.
  • Millennials make up a significant workforce, yet 79% of venues have less than 25% in positions of influence.

As a result of the findings on the recovery of face-to-face meetings, we are preparing many smaller, local meetings and events both live and a hybrid model (combining aspects of virtual and face-to-face). Concerns around budgeting for the new ways of hosting face-to-face meetings are growing. We continue to keep in close contact with our hotel partners as state and local guidelines are updated and protocols are changed.

The largest spike we see in the latest report is 94% of venue operators feel it is now their role to create a memorable experience for clients, compared to only 57% in 2019. We continue to maintain a strong emphasis on our i|xperience® approach as we plan and execute meetings and events throughout 2020 and beyond. Whether it’s a smaller face-to-face event, a virtual experience, or a hybrid of the two, we believe delivering an impactful experience at every touchpoint will make the difference as we navigate the future meeting spaces during and after the global health crisis of 2020.

Access the Infographic on the Meeting Room of the Future

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