At the Enterprise Engagement Alliance Expo, we shared effective communication tips to build a stronger, better-informed, and more cohesive organization. He explained that a centralized approach to your employee engagement communications will create a connected community among your workforce.

When developing your communication campaign, think integrated and interactive. From email and print communications to social networking and face-to-face meetings, tying everything together in one content hub such as a program website or your company intranet will alleviate confusion and drive home a consistent message.

Program Website/Company Intranet Tips

  • Make it your home base
  • Create surveys for timely feedback
  • Encourage live posting to make employees feel their voices are being heard
  • Link to other relevant information
  • Carry through company branding for a familiar feel
  • Automate communications to notify managers of upcoming employee birthdays and anniversaries and ways to celebrate
  • Include program details and FAQ
  • Broadcast company wins, employee spotlights, and milestones and allow interaction such as “likes” and “comments,” similar to a Facebook feed

Email Communication Tips

According to LexisNexis, workers discard 91% of work information without fully reading it. But with that being said, email is still a valuable way to distribute information and drive back to your “home base” for more details. You can also track engagement by discovering who is opening and clicking on your content.

Some ways to boost email engagement:

  • Make it personal and relevant
  • Maintain program branding
  • Promote/reinforce program theme and goals
  • Keep the message consistent and in front of participants (but don’t over-communicate)
  • Be clear and concise

Social Network Communication Tips

  • Enable peer-to-peer recognition which offers an opportunity for companywide engagement
  • Know your audience and what platform they respond to
  • Create ease of shareability by allowing employees to post accomplishments such as an e-certificate on their social pages
  • Tailor the message based on the platform
  • Link to relevant videos and photos

Print Communication Tips

  • Easily explain how the program works and what’s in it for the recipient
  • Personalize the communication and highlight reward options
  • Provide custom collateral pieces that will stand out from the clutter
  • Deliver information on the program website/app
  • Handwrite congratulatory notes from managers or senior leaders
  • Provide tips for managers on how to award employees

Face-to-Face Communication Tips

The biggest tip here is just to have face-to-face meetings whenever possible. Meetings Mean Business states that one hour of a face-to-face meeting is equal to five video conferences, ten phone calls, or twenty emails. Make sure it’s worth the while:

  • Inspire teamwork and innovation
  • Celebrate big wins and milestones
  • Educate your audience
  • Encourage networking
  • Incorporate aspects of both the physical and digital world
  • Design for psychographics instead of demographics
  • Allow for co-creation

To learn more about an award-winning communication plan, check out this case study.

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