When planning a large meeting, event or tradeshow, every detail is meticulously thought out. But what about the area that everyone is walking on – the actual show floor? The MICE blog reported on a sleek combination of technology and sustainability that works to engage participants, give insight to planners, and create renewable energy. Keep reading for an excerpt from the blog and start thinking about the value it can provide for your next big endeavor.

There is one thing sustainability and technology need but planners are still straggling with – engagement. How can we communicate sustainability to our attendees in a fun and engaging way? How can we use technology to collect data without being too intrusive?

There is simple answer to this question and it’s Pavegen.

What is Pavegen? Launched in 2009 by Laurence Kemball-Cook, an industrial design engineer and graduate of Loughborough University, it’s a flooring system that generates power and data from footsteps. Pavegen tiles can be used in both indoor and outdoor locations and work best where there is high footfall such as retail and transport hubs. The technology is integrated, discreetly, into the existing environment, underfoot. Pavegen units are also available in modular form for use at events, such as exhibitions and marketing campaigns, to demonstrate their commitment to innovation, sustainability and CSR initiatives.

So what does this mean for exhibition and tradeshow planners?

Pavegen’s new unique triangular design maximises energy output and data capture and can be used at major exhibitions to capture attendee’s footfall. Its high durability and simple deployability allows Pavegen to generate renewable energy where and when it is needed and lastly Pavegen’s flooring is entirely customisable to reflect any brand identity with the ability to seamlessly integrate into any indoor or outdoor location.

Greatest opportunity I personally see for event organisers is that through data applications Pavegen offers, which includes a comprehensive analysis of consumer patterns by continuous footfall tracking and heat mapping, is that it will allow organisers track attendee behaviour, collect data about busiest hours during the exhibition, busiest days, most popular exhibitors and better tailor exhibition’s programme for next event. With the growing concern about privacy, Pavegen has the ability to track footfall anonymously. By gamifying sustainability at events, attendees will engage more with sustainability and event technology.

Lastly, Pavegen and Tribal Planet also announced their collaboration to implement game-changing plans for the Pavegen technology. Jeff Martin, CEO of Tribal Planet presented how the two companies will be creating a digital application, using public venues and access points around the world to monitor the energy generated on each Pavegen tile. The app platform will follow a ‘redeem and donate’ scheme, where the energy generated by each individual’s footsteps provides them with an energy currency that can be redeemed for exclusive experiences and events access, and donated to social causes to deprived areas. From attention based economy to now behaviour based economy, people will be now able to vote with their actions, better understand and value the choices they make.

Read the full article here: http://www.themiceblog.com/gamifying-sustainability-at-events/

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